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Privacy And Policy


As a customer, ubox88my and its employees are committed to the protection of personal data, ensuring that it is collected and stored in accordance with the most stringent standards and regulations in order to ensure its safety.

Our intention is to keep you updated on how the information we collect from you is used and stored in order to ensure your privacy. We have made some changes to this Privacy Policy in order to make sure that it complies with the GDPR as soon as possible.

The purpose of this casino gaming information is to inform you about the data processing methods used by our Company when it comes to processing your data and the options you have in terms of how your information is handled by us.

In order to allow our visitors to make an informed decision accepting or rejecting the use of cookies on their devices, ubox88my intends to provide detailed and accurate information on the use of cookies on our Website so that each visitor to our Website can make an informed decision.


There is no doubt that ubox88my, as a company, is committed to safeguarding the data with which it is entrusted.

Please read the following Privacy Policy carefully so you know exactly how we collect and process your personal casino information when you use our services, and how we make use of it after you have used them.

We, “Us”, or “Our”, as appropriate, will be responsible for safeguarding your personal information and agree upon this Policy between you and ubox88my. You should be aware that when you use our Website and its services, you are acting as a party to this Privacy Policy by using it.

The Privacy Policy is amended from time to time to reflect changes in the industry. Check our websites and platforms regularly for updates on those changes so you can stay up-to-date on what is happening. In order to stay informed about any recent amendments to our Privacy Policy, it is your responsibility to periodically review our Privacy Policy.



In order to provide the best casino gaming service possible, we store certain information on your device when you are using our services. Generally, “cookies” are the small text file that stores your

preferences and is commonly referred to as “cookie information”. It is always the case that cookies will be stored on your device when you use our services while visiting our Website.

It has also been discovered that we use flash cookies, which are similar to browser cookies described above, and which enable us to store information about your visits across a wide variety of our websites, including this one.